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Park & Beach
Handy Numbers
All of us who live in Hannah Heights - or expect to one day - share in the common desire to be good neighbors, and to maintain our one small corner of paradise as a private, quiet and pleasant place to live and enjoy.

The Hannah Heights Owners Association has developed a few simple rules and policies designed to protect our common community interests, assuring that a residential quality of life is maintained and that basic services are delivered with the least amount of interference in everybody's daily lives.

To make this work means that all of us have to observe the rules and act responsibly, respecting our neighbors rights as well as our own. That's what being a good neighbor is all about!


Hannah Heights First Edition, which encompasses the bulk of the ownerships now administered by the Association was originally part of the pioneer Hannah family properties, homesteaded in the late 19th Century.

In 1968 the present area was originally platted and lots made available for sale. The Hannah Heights Owners Association was incorporated under state and county laws in 1976 and remained the sole association until 1978 when Hannah Heights II was formed as a self governing body by residents south of Straits View Drive.

The present Hannah Heights First Edition is bounded on the north by Hannah Road, on the east by Bailer Hill Road, on the south by Straits View Drive and on the water side by Victoria Drive. The Association administers this entire area, plus road assessments and administrative charges for the Sunslope and Sunspree developments at the far end of Victoria Drive.


Hannah Heights and Hannah Heights First Addition are residential areas and any use for commercial purposes or transient accommodation are specifically prohibited by law, except as follows:

A residence may only be rented for a period of up to 30 days once each calendar month only.

Such rentals are subject to the owner agreeing to hold the Association and its trustees harmless from any liabilities resulting from transient use, and providing proof of insurance coverage sufficient to indemnify the Association and its trustees for use of the Association's roads, park and water system by guests or transients during the period they occupy the residential premises.

Compliance with this policy is expected from homeowners. The Association reserves the right to initiate legal action in the event of repeated violations of the policy, copies of the policy are on file with all real estate and rental agencies on the island.

New Construction and Additions
All new construction plans, and plans prepared for separate or contiguous additions to existing residences are subject to review and approval by the Architectural Committee of the Association.

The principal concern of the committee is compliance with established height restrictions, a copy of which is on file with San Juan County. It does not review home designs, although it is expected that owners will respect the character of the land, the needs of neighbors and the basic rules of good taste.

Private Park and Beach
The Association maintains a private park and beach area for the use of owners and their guests. The entrance is off Victoria Drive just west of its junction with Straits View Drive.

The park and beach facilities are open to all HHOA members, as well as certain other residential area owners who pay ana annual fee, and usage is at the risk of the individual. It is hoped and expected that all users will treat the area with respect, including the proper disposal of garbage and general condition of the area.

Responsibility for guests using the park and beach lies with the host owner/renter and it is strongly recommended by the Association that members carry appropriate insurance.

The water provided to Hannah Heights owners and their guests is based on a well and pumping system maintained and monitored for consumption and water quality by the Association.

As is the case everywhere on the Island, our water supply is not limitless and its usage needs to be governed by restraint and common sense. Every residence connected to the water system is entitled to 24,000 gallons per quarter for all purposes. Owners who exceed this limit in any given quarter are issued an initial warning, and thereafter assessed at a rate of $.05 per gallon for every gallon consumer over the allocated 24,000 level.

When a new home is connected to the system, a water meter is installed by the Association at a one time cost of $1,000.000.

Owners and their guests are asked to exercise restraint in the use of outdoor lighting. While safety is a paramount consideration, the overuse of night lighting is distracting and bothersome to neighbors. Be safe, be sensible, be considerate.

The roads of Hannah Heights and Hannah Heights are private property owned in common by the Association members, who jointly bear responsibility for their maintenance and upkeep.

Year around maintenance is provided by the Association, including the annual oiling of the road surfaces, the filling of potholes and the clearance of any obstructions to passage or vision.

The speed limit in the area is 15 miles per hour at all times and under all conditions except where a slower speed is suggested by sign. The low speeds are to provide safety for children, pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles; and to minimize road dust and pothole impact. Compliance is voluntary, and you will find most residents observe the rules as a gesture of neighborly respect.

Numbers You May Want to Keep Handy
Emergency (fire, police, medical) 911
San Juan Aid Unit 378-5334
Sheriff (non emergency) 378-4151
Medical Center (non emergency) 378-2141
Orcas Power & Light (outages) 376-3599
San Juan Sanitation (garbage pickup) 376-4709
County Commissioners 378-2898
Word Services (Association Management) 378-4359

Your Association Neighbors

Membership in the Association is mandatory and dues will be levied for all appropriate major usage categories: water, roads, park and beach, liability insurance and, where deemed applicable, administrative costs. These dues are legally mandated.

A 5-7 member Board of Trustees is elected each year at the Association's annual meeting in August, and is empowered to make all necessary decisions during the subsequent year even when subject to membership ratification at a later date.

Dues are levied each year in January and are payable upon receipt of notice. The average annual bill for resident members using all services is generally between $400 and $500, depending on the maintenance needs of the area for the year's period A breakdown of dues by category is available to every member and/or dues payer.

The management of the Association is vested in the Board of Trustees and its elected officers. The Association employs the services of Word Services, Friday harbor for general management assistance and financial record keeping. A part time water system monitoring and maintance person is the Association's only paid employee.

Hannah Heights Owners Association
PO Box 722
Friday Harbor, WA 98250